adults -paint your own ceramics





What is Included:


  • Regular Mug, Bowl or Plate

  • 2-hours pottery painting slot

  • Over 20 colours to create your masterpiece & mix colours to create over one million shades!;)

  • An Artist around to help with your designs

  • You can bring your own drinks and snacks  

  • Remember, it’s a creative experience, not an art class.

  • Paint your pottery with our glazes.  We also have stencils and stamps to help you in your creative endeavors, as well as books to give you some ideas and inspire you.

  • When you’re done, leave your pottery with us.  We’ll dip it in a clear glaze and fire it in our kiln.

  • Pick up your masterpiece in 7 days.

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'Pay as you paint' with our BYOB for Groups option 






I can't paint, I'm not artistic; can you help me?

Absolutely! We have patterns, stencils, sponges and stamps that can make anyone look like a pro. And our friendly staff is always glad to help.


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