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A Pottery painting party is a fun and exciting event! Kids pick, design and paint their own pieces & we a variety of pottery to pick from; animals, princesses, pirates, small plates, bowls and more!  


Adults, don’t worry, you won't have to play supervisor AND artistic instructor. Our friendly studio assistants are on hand to help with any design dilemmas and bring their pottery masterpieces to life.


Please feel free to bring cake and drinks!!

The sessions lasts for 2 hours . The glazing, firing process and all the materials are included in the price.


Min. Group: 3 children

Max. Group: 6 children

What to expect?

• Regular sized pottery item (animals, princess, pirates, small plates and bowls etc)

• Over 20 colours to create your masterpiece & mix colours to create over one million shades! ;)

• An Artist on hand to help with designs

  • Remember, it’s a creative experience, not an art class


Prices starting from £21 per children.


Included: Regular-sized handmade pottery item, paints, glaze, fire and studio fee.

Book your session and pay at the studio


Social Pottery Painting

120 Kentish Town Road

London, England


tel: 020 7482 0848

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 12pm - 5pm

Saturday: 12pm- 5pm

Sunday: Close

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